DMX - It's dark and hell is hot - 2LP

DMX - It's dark and hell is hot - 2LP

  • Année de sortie : 1998

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Track List


A1 - Intro
A2 - Ruff Ryder's Anthem Play
A3 - Fuckin wit'D Play
A4 - The strom (Skit)
B1 - Look thru my eyes
B2 - Get at me dog (Feat. Sheek from The Lox) Play
B3 - Let me fly
B4 - X-Is Comming
B5 - Damien
C1 - How's it goin down Play
C2 - Mickey (Skit)
C3 - Crime Story
C4 - Stop being greedy
C5 - ATF
D1 - For my dogs (Feat. Big Stan, Loose, Kasino, Dragon) Play
D2 - I can feel it
D3 - Prayer (Skit)
D4 - The convo
D5 - Niggaz done started something (Feat. The Lox and Mase) Play