Ultramagnetic MC's - The four horsemen - 2LP

Ultramagnetic MC's - The four horsemen - 2LP

  • Edition Original
  • Année de sortie : 1993
  • Référence label : WPL-2010

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Track List


A1 - We Are The Horsemen
A2 - Checkin My Style Play
A3 - Two Brothers With Checks (San Fransisco Harvey)
A4 - Raise It Up (Feat. Godfather Don) Play
A5 - Saga Of Dandy, The Devil And Day Play
A6 - Delta Force II
A7 - Adventures Of Herman's Lust (Moe Love III) Play
B1 - See The Man On The Street
B2 - Bring It Down To Earth Play
B3 - Don't Be Scared
B4 - One, Two, One, Two Play
B5 - Time To Catch A Body
B6 - Yo Black Play
B7 - Big Booty